Issue 1.9 – Branding Basics

Do you have the following?
1. Brand name
2. Logo
3. Color scheme

These are the sensory basics that allow your brand to be identified by consumers. If done properly, they will recognize the name when spoken, identify the logo when seen, and discern the color scheme as your brand’s identity.

Issue 1.8 – Instagram’s Changes

GROWTH TRENDS… Instagram is shifting from a photo-first, friend-first platform to a mock TikTok hub  “Is your account public, and did you post a video under

Issue 1.7 – Referral Programs

STRATEGIC ESSENTIALS… REFERRAL PROGRAMS ARE LOW-COST AND PROMOTE SUSTAINABLE GROWTH.   What is a referral program? Marketing through paying people to promote your product  Rewarding loyal customers through rewards This partnership drives

Bring the Bling

#buildyourBOOMspace When setting up your home studio, there are plenty of little things that can make the biggest difference. Our Founder & CEO, Anna Shuford,

Issue 1.6 – Word-of-Mouth Marketing

4 WOM STRATEGIES TO IMPLEMENT TODAY: Create a unique experience for your customers to talk about – Establish a referral program to gain a larger network…

Issue 1.4 – Customer Retention

YOU SHOULD CARE ABOUT  CUSTOMER RETENTION “The probability of selling to an existing customer is between 60% and 70%, while the probability of selling to

Issue 1.3 – Marketing Content

How to get new and exciting MARKETING CONTENT THINGS YOU CAN DO TODAY: #1 – Hire a professional photographer. #2 – Get an intern! #3 –

Issue 1.2 – Tik Tok is King

TRENDS TAKEAWAYS: #1 – Social media platforms are racing to compete with Tik Tok. Followers from this platform will trickle down to other platforms like Instagram…