Born at the Beach

So what do you do in the midst of a pandemic, in the hottest months of summer, when the world is all messed up… you get your mojo back!

Even though we are “vaxed, waxed, and ready for action” with the world slowly opening its doors, the landscape has changed profoundly. People have realized that they can live and work anywhere in the world. Nature and space are the two hottest commodities of the present.


BOOMROOM was born at the beach, surrounded by the humidity and sunshine of Eastern North Carolina. Setting up a laptop on an elevated surface and tuning into a group Zoom with a kick-ass personal trainer allowed for social connection as well as mojo-building. Hot yoga was as easy as connecting to WiFi!


And then things got interesting.


As the Zoom sessions became a regular occurrence, the technical difficulties became very annoying. The music was weird, the audio was spotty, and it was obvious that the trainer was frustrated. There had to be a better solution.


“BOOMROOM was created from my own problem and my passion for fitness. I was regularly attending Zoom classes with my favorite instructors and loved the fact that I didn’t have to drive to the studio to get the push I needed. The convenience and accountability factor had me hooked but the experience with the technology wasn’t ideal for me or my instructor. That’s why I’ve founded BOOMROOM with the mission to equip fitness instructors with technology to host superior classes and manage their business.”

— Anna Shuford, Founder & CEO


We are thrilled to share this journey with you!

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