Dear Instructors

Yes, we are a startup. Yes, we will make your life easier.

BOOMROOM is an online platform of tools made for you and by you, working with founding trainers since our humble beginnings in order to produce the most effective interface on the market for live virtual training. We believe in cultivating an empowering experience for both you and your clients while upholding the integrity and style of your own personal brand.

There are a few things that set us apart from other companies that are important in considering our platform: we are both a resource and a community. Within BOOMROOM, you have the ability to establish your own rates, schedule, verbiage, playlists and clients. Think of us like a co-working studio. Our leader board chat will allow you to network with likeminded instructors in order to constantly learn and grow your business. To discourage saturation of inexperienced or amateur instructors within our platform, we have constructed a referral process in which we will only accept real people who have been brought to us by instructors that are already established leaders within our community. When accepting new members, we look for diverse, well-rounded individuals who have a proven track record of embodying positive mindfulness and contagious energy that can be felt virtually and beyond.

Whether you’re a meditation guru, HIIT maniac, or a discoverer of new and effective movements, we look forward to helping you achieve your goals simply and efficiently.


The BOOM Team

Charlotte Ririe, CPO

Anna Shuford, Founder & CEO

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