The Future of Work – Passion Economy


The passion economy is…


Two million-plus people worldwide deem themselves to be professional creators, earning enough from their passion to consider it their full-time income. –IMH


1. Diversify your offerings – Make sure that your business has different streams of revenue. This way, no matter what the trends are, you will always have an income. (Ex. having an on-demand library, in-person training, and also a downloadable e-book for strength training)

2. Nurture new leads – When people reach out to you, make sure you take the time to follow up to tell the potential client more about your offerings. For example, offer a discount code in order to encourage them to take their first class. Making a personal connection within the first 72 hrs of initial contact increases general client loyalty.

3. Stay top of mind – Be consistent and post regularly! Create engaging social media content that helps build your brand and educates your followers on the value of your programs.

4. Passion!  – Play to your strengths and be REAL. Take care of yourself first so that you can serve others. 



👋 Pro tip: ask your clients for feedback – they might give you awesome ideas that you haven’t thought of for content, etc!

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