Your Own Side Hustle Studio

For instructors who are sick of conforming to tech that is not built for fitness, BOOMROOM is an integrated platform that provides an amplified live class experience and business management toolset.

Build better programs

More Personalization
Integrated Live Streaming Software

Our live room includes timers, playlist integration for high-quality music streaming, an instructor personal notes section, buffer time between the start and end of a class, word captions, a live chat, various viewing options, and the ability to market your brand.

Marketplace (Exposure + Growth)

Reach new clients near and far. BOOMROOM acts like a marketplace, allowing you to bring your current client base with you, but also have the opportunity to be exposed to new clients that other instructors bring to the platform. Every public class you post will accumulate into the home page for all clients to see. Clients and instructors are able to follow one another, just like on Instagram.

Class Builder

Schedule and draft upcoming classes using class builder. Save time by making rules for classes, allowing them to repeat on a certain day and time. This includes both public and private classes with invitations.

Custom Offerings

Class Packs + Subscriptions

Diversify your offerings to give your clients options. Activate a monthly subscription and/or class packages at the prices of your choosing.

Secure Payment

Organize transactions and transfer funds directly to your bank. We use Stripe (the same payment provider for Shopify and Lyft) to process all payments so that you and your clients credit card information is secure.

Custom Promo Codes

Customize promotions that you offer and call them whatever you want.

Manage Your Business


Send and receive direct messages to and from clients

Custom Data Analytics

Track your activity, revenue, client retention rates, and other statistics to make informed business decisions

Networking Hub

Network with instructors near and far using our Leader Chat and Slack channel

Playlist Incorporation

Upload your curated playlist into your live class so that your clients have a superior audio experience

Passion is what drives us

Take your virtual training business to the next level

Instructors, Partner With Us

When accepting new instructors, we look for diverse, well-rounded fitness professionals who have a proven track record of embodying positive mindfulness and contagious energy that can be felt virtually and beyond.

When reviewing applications, we look for:


You have an active certification from an accredited institution.


You have a loyal client base that you can bring onto BOOMROOM


You have a tech-savvy attitude. If you're not the best at tech, you're not afraid to learn. We look for instructors that engage clients in unique and innovative ways.


You have original content. We have no tolerance for stolen material


Your body is your brand. We look for entrepreneurs that understand the importance of embodying what they are selling

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