Issue 1.8 – Instagram’s Changes


Instagram is shifting from a photo-first, friend-first platform to a mock TikTok hub

“Is your account public, and did you post a video under 90 seconds?

Into the Reels suggestion algorithm it goes, playing to whoever Instagram thinks will find it interesting, and it will be fully available for them to Remix and add their own spin to using the built-in content tools.” (Richard Lawler, The Verge)

Instagram has historically been a podium for liking and sharing static pictures of people and businesses that users follow. But recently, Instagram executives have been pivoting to show users content based on preferences, not connections. This is accompanying a cultural shift that prioritizes video content over stills.

Now, any video on Instagram that is less than 15 minutes long will be automatically categorized as a “Reel” and will reach many more users.

Brands will still need static photo content for their feeds, but these kinds of posts are less likely to promote growth. Reels are the best way to gain followers, as of this summer.

The good news – 
There’s nothing stopping you from using the same videos on TikTok AND Instagram. Posting the content on multiple platforms will help you reach a much larger audience.

The bad news – 
To stay current, you’ll have to curate video content. Don’t worry! It’s not as hard as you think. Both Instagram and TikTok have easy interfaces that are “new-user-friendly”. 


👋 Use original sounds and allow remixing to gain more traction.

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2. Logo
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These are the sensory basics that allow your brand to be identified by consumers. If done properly, they will recognize the name when spoken, identify the logo when seen, and discern the color scheme as your brand’s identity.

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