Issue 1.1 – State of the Industry

Boutique Fitness Solutions’


“We may see as much, or maybe even more, disruption and change over the next two years as we’ve seen over the past two years… and the operating model you had in the past isn’t likely to work going forward.”

-McKinsey & Company

Click here to watch a video by Boutique Fitness Solutions that lays out recommendations for how to be a competitive business in the current wellness market.


#1 – Boutique fitness businesses need to return to client building basics.

#2 – Establish new and varied ways of sourcing talent.

#3 – Build an omnichannel business.

#4 – Diversify your revenue streams and serve your clients total wellness needs.

#5 – Continue being adaptable and flexible.

đź‘‹ Stay comfortable with being uncomfortable, it’s the nature of a fast-paced industry.

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Issue 1.9 – Branding Basics

Do you have the following?
1. Brand name
2. Logo
3. Color scheme

These are the sensory basics that allow your brand to be identified by consumers. If done properly, they will recognize the name when spoken, identify the logo when seen, and discern the color scheme as your brand’s identity.

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