Issue 1.2 – Tik Tok is King

2022 trends indicate that


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“TikTok awareness has grown greatly since its inception… making it the first non-Facebook app to reach 3 billion global downloads.”

-Hubspot, 2022 Social Media Trends Report


#1 – Social media platforms are racing to compete with Tik Tok. Followers from this platform will trickle down to other platforms like Instagram. 

#2 – Influencer marketing is becoming more established and regulated, meaning more earning opportunities and competition. 

#3 – Personalized ads are changing because of compliance rules. This means that people are having to rethink their traction strategies.

#4 – Omnichannel engagement is becoming the norm, giving consumers more power in deciding how to consume content.

👋 Consumers want more customized content. They want better experiences. And they want it NOW.

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Issue 1.9 – Branding Basics

Do you have the following?
1. Brand name
2. Logo
3. Color scheme

These are the sensory basics that allow your brand to be identified by consumers. If done properly, they will recognize the name when spoken, identify the logo when seen, and discern the color scheme as your brand’s identity.

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