Issue 1.5 – How to Plan a Live Event

21 Questions to ask while Planning a Live Event



When is your event (day of week, month, etc.)?

What time of day works best for you and your clients?

How long will your event be?

Are you hosting alone or with a partner?

What platform will you host on?

What’s your budget?

Do you need to spend any money at all?

Do you have a backup platform/plan?

Do you have the space and flexibility to host it at home?

Does your location look professional? (make sure there’s great lighting and no distracting noises) 

Who is your audience?

How will you promote it to them?

How will you track RSVPs?



Is this event to promote sales or to foster loyalty?

If it is to promote sales, will you promote your product before, during, or after the event?

Do you have the infrastructure set up to handle the incoming sales?



How will you organize and create content?

Do you have someone you could ask to help with pics/videos?



Do you have all of the tech that you need?

Do you feel comfortable setting it up?

Is the WiFi reliable at your desired location?

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Issue 1.9 – Branding Basics

Do you have the following?
1. Brand name
2. Logo
3. Color scheme

These are the sensory basics that allow your brand to be identified by consumers. If done properly, they will recognize the name when spoken, identify the logo when seen, and discern the color scheme as your brand’s identity.

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