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We met Jarratt back in February and he joined our team of founding instructors who will host some of the first classes on BOOMROOM. We are thrilled to help him manage and accelerate his virtual training business!

📍Santa Barbara, CA

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Fun positive energy! Relatable and authentic.

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If you’re not going to work your booty for you work it for the people behind you! (Because I’m all about the glute gains and peach training).


Go-to music genre:

Pop, house, upbeat, also I love Disney.

Favorite songs to workout to:

Party in the USA, anything Beyonce, Pitbull, Lady Gaga…

Favorite exercise:

Glute bridges and side lying hip lifts with abduction.

What inspired you to get into fitness?

Helping someone realize what they’re capable of and the importance of investing in themselves inspired me. I love helping people create sustainable wellness routines and become the best versions of themselves.

Why are you excited to use BOOMROOM for your virtual training business?

(Because it is) a platform that provides all I need and I can get it off of instagram.

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