Switching Fitness Platforms

What to do when moving your fit biz to a new platform…

Here are some things you have to before switching platforms:

1. Save your data.

The most important data that you have is your clients’. Not just their names and emails, but anything possible that you else you might want or need to use at some point. This could be birthdays, injuries, fitness goals, retention rate, city, or virtually any form of information that you have obtained at some point.

It is best to put it in a spreadsheet. Google Sheets is a good option because it saves on your Google Drive and you can access it from the cloud.

2. Save your media files.

Save your videos and photos that have been living on the old platform. You need to have them accessible from a hard-drive or neutral cloud. If you want to clean shop and edit them down a little bit, now would be a good time to pick the best ones and just keep those… Remember- no-one has unlimited storage.

3. Guide your clients in the transition.

Make sure you have everything squared away before telling clients about the transition. Don’t send them to an empty profile. Make sure you have content ready to go, so they already feel at home. This means uploading all of your media, going over all of your writing, and setting your custom offerings.

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